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June is usually a banner month and it is the official start of summer. Do you feel lucky? The sixth month of the year is somewhat lucky especially if you are having a wedding or if you just want to see another significant event like the Summer Solstice. Both of these events in June are remarkable for many of us. In addition, it’s perhaps the most fun time of the year. This web editor is thinking that this is possibly because of the longer daytime hours and the warmer daily high temperatures. It does seem like June offers something for everyone to find enjoyment in just by accepting and embracing it.

The Millennial/Gen X team got their tail-ends handed to them at trivia night at the Hi-Dive, so they are upping the ante and playing for money in June at the Westport Flea Market Bar & Grill trivia night, June 5th. Trivia starts at 8 pm and each player puts in $5 (no matter team size). Be there at 6:30 pm to help us stake a table, and order one of the tasty, tasty burgers. According to The Food Network’s Meat and Potatoes and The Pitch, their burgers are the best in Kansas City. If you’re a Millennial or GenX-er and a Mensan, then come join us!

The Full Moon SciFi SIG launch event in April was fun. Everyone seemed to enjoy the campy send-up of Octaman provided by the folks from RiffTrax. So, next don your Browncoats and Jayne hats because we ‘aim to misbehave’ and screen Joss Whedon’s terrific ode to being on the wrong side of history: Serenity. Check the June Mension for more details (and the right contact info) about attending this shindig event. Hopefully more Mensans will want to connect with this new SIG! Also, join the FullMoonSciFi Yahoo group for a chance to participate in selecting the content of future screenings.

News & Notes

May is another exciting month in which to embrace traditional roots – and, of course, there are May flowers – before other outdoorsy adventures really start to get warming up. In a sense, May is like a goddess (Maia) for all of us to anticipate and to appreciate her natural beauty. Traditionally, one major event in which to participate is graduation (or Commencement) from whichever school you might be attending. Indeed, May is ‘grow time’ so don’t let it slip passed you.

Among all the social events happening in May here in Mid-America Mensa land are these following few for members to consider joining in on:

First, Walkabout KC is going to Loose Park on Saturday, May 4th at 11:00 am, for walking through the famous rose garden. As noted earlier in April’s News & Notes, we’ll see if there are any May flowers after a month of showers! Check the May Mension for more details (and the right contact info) about attending this next walkabout event.

Second, Ethnic Eats has a new contact person (Paul) if exploring a wide variety of cuisines and atmospheres is on your plate. What’s next on Paul’s schedule for Ethnic Eats is (hint:) Salvadoran on Saturday, May 11th at 1:00 pm. Check the May Mension for more delectable details (and the right contact info) about attending this next dinner event.

Also, in May, the Full Moon SciFi SIG will explore the Ghost in the Shell franchise. Join in for a bit of Japanese immersion and don’t forget to check out the FullMoonSciFi Yahoo group where you can rub elbows with other alpha-nerds. Check the May Mension for more details (and the right contact info) about attending this extraordinary event.

News & Notes

April is usually a month when we can maybe see what may be just about to happen. April showers bring May flowers, right? This month can be exciting in other ways too if you think about it, and if you are willing and able to look for the beauty coming out all around. Many new opportunities are just about to spring up before us here in Mid-America Mensa.

First, MAM’s walkabout is about walking. If you want to come and get physical with a group of other members, then join us at Roe Park, 10400 Roe Ave. in Overland Park, KS, on Saturday April 6th, 11:00 am. Check out the April Mension for more details (and the right contact info).

Next up, the very first event of MAM’s new Full Moon SciFi SIG (Special Interest Group) will be RiffTrax Live: Octaman. For those who are interested, this event will be at the AMC Town Center 20, 119th & Nall Ave. in Leawood, KS, on April 18th, 7:00 pm.

Tickets are available online at:

Also, seats are filling up fast! We currently have the block of seats from E3 to E8. If you wish to sit near the group then consider getting seats near this block.

Finally, if drinking and enjoying coffee, or rather caffeine, is your thing, then check out the April Mension for more details (and the right contact info) about the Caffeine Crawl. This year’s spring crawl is April 26-28. We’ll be looking for a route to take together on Saturday morning, April 27th. It’ll be a good time!