MAM’s Annual Thanksgiving Dinner!

Thanksgiving dinner can help a person stay connected with humanity — and it can answer some enduring questions as we all acquire a better grasp on the human condition. This holiday celebration could be an effort to keep the genuine and creative spirit of Mensa alive and well as well. So, think about who you should like to meet for sharing a turkey dinner. Is there someone, among all of us here in Mid-America Mensa, with whom you would like to engage in possible conversation around a Thanksgiving table? At the very least, try being thankful for the small things in life — not just as an individual alone — but also as someone sharing in human nature and with soul. Thanksgiving is a celebration that brings all of us together for what it’s worth.

When: November 18th, 2018 at 2:00 – 6:00 pm
Where: Lenexa Senior Center, 13425 Walnut Street, Lenexa, KS
For questions and to RSVP, contact Diana Dyer at (816) 765-8407 or [email protected]
Look for more details in the November 2018 Mension.

Hunting for the Haunted

So, as to not cast any shadows on the whole concept and theory of occult studies, let me begin by introducing you to a psychic investigator and a former member of Mensa, Maurice Schwalm. Maurice Schwalm passed away on January 3, 2001 at the age of 72 years. Yet, he spent many years and much of his life as a member of the American Society of Psychical Research and the Mensa Education & Research Foundation (MERF). His Occult Studies Special Interest Group (SIG) was somehow connected with Mensa – but his bright fame was from the mark, or impression, he placed upon the public through radio, literature, and other news outlets. Something of a ghost was nearly always present in his work whether in pictures that he captured with his camera (with a “ghost hand” inside, he felt) or in the writings he left to us. Supernatural images could be found, from premonitions of the Hyatt Regency skywalk collapse to Polaroid shots of people dancing where there was no one physically present.

During the ‘70s and ‘80s, the spirits must have been more active. A series of Mr. Schwalm’s occult studies were published as articles in the Mension (the official newsletter of Mid-America Mensa). Around Halloween every year, local news reporters would consult with our resident expert, Mr. Schwalm. Also, the Johnson County Library has multiple copies of Maurice Schwalm’s collected papers in the vertical files at the Central Resource Branch. Just look for the folder marked ‘Haunted Places – KC Area’. Or, check out his book ‘Mo-Kan Ghosts: The Casebook of a Kansas City Psychic Investigator’. Whether it’s fact or fiction depends upon your own system of belief and your best perception of things.

In the meantime, have some fun this Halloween with whatever you are wanting to do. Oh, and by the way, Mid-America Mensa is hosting a Halloween party as it does almost every year at this time. Gather up your friends, grab a costume and a few props (and maybe a good, reliable recording device!), and search for yourself for that which has never been seen or heard before. Whether the supernatural is a paranormal haunting or something else entirely is going to be strictly a matter of your interpretation and opinion.


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Ghost Dance –
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New Member Party – September 9th, 2018

New member party


With warm enthusiasm, about 25 new members & others attended this year’s second New Member Party at Red Robin in Overland Park, KS. New members, you made the ‘new’ grade for Mensa membership — and we shared a few great moments with you and each other. Again, congratulations — and thank you all for joining Mid-America Mensa!

Is this New Member Party on your calendar?

Are you a new Mid-America Mensa member, or are you someone not so new to MAM and you just like a great party? If so, then please join us for a New Member Party!

Who: New Mid-America Mensa members and a guest, and other (well, not so new) MAM members.

When: Sunday, September 9, 2018 from 5:00 to 7:00 pm

Where: Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews, 7111 W 95th Street, Overland Park, KS

RSVP to David Lund (816-883-8779 or [email protected]) for your chance to meet up with some of the people in our ever-changing local group of Mid-America Mensa.

Flashback: Nine members volunteer at Ronald McDonald House

For several years now, a group of Mid-America Mensa members has gathered to prepare and serve dinner for visitors at Ronald McDonald House near Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City. On Sunday, March 18th 2018, about 30 guests and our crew of volunteers – including Chris & Rhonda Johnston, Karin Miller, Susannah Sulsar, Paul Hough, Shawn & Diana Dyer, Al McMahon, and Jean Matzeder – helped to entertain with a tasty meal and fellowship. If you missed volunteering this year for this event, we look forward to more events, like this one at Ronald McDonald House, in the future.

MAM volunteers

MAM volunteers at Ronald McDonald House in March 2018

MAM is going to the Martin City Melodrama!

If you’ve never been, or have never even heard of Martin City Melodrama, you’re missing out on one of Kansas City’s hidden treasures. Over the last 33 years, Martin City Melodrama & Vaudeville Co. has brought the Kansas City area a unique theatrical style of melodrama and vaudeville. So, here’s your chance to see “Uptown Jack and His Adventures Into Beantown!” It’s a brand new hip hop tale for all ages. Told as only Martin City, Jr. can do, this fractured fairy tale includes elements of Stomp, Silent Films, Rhythmic Story-Telling, and Musical Theatre.

Saturday, August 11th – Dinner starts at 6:00 pm, Show starts at 7:00 pm

Martin City Melodrama, 702 Blue Ridge Blvd, Grandview, MO

RSVP by August 6th to Diana Dyer. Look for details in the August Mension.

Uptown Jack Uptown Jack