Joining a MAM Zoom Meeting

Joining a MAM instant meeting via email is simple!

First, you need to download the Zoom client app:

  • Directly from <> or, on the other hand, you may be invited; so,
  • Download the desktop client app by link.

What else is required?

You will need a Meeting Identifier. This is a 9, 10, or 11 -digit number. Other numbers may be required as needed.

Then, can you open your Zoom client?

If so, then you can: ‘Join a Meeting’.

In addition, you may have to enter the Meeting ID, your display name, & a passcode number.

Select other features as desired.

Then, click ‘Join’.

In conclusion, there are going to be many ways to join an online Zoom meeting (or party), but don’t feel at all frustrated by it when you get invited. There are many options you will never use.

Remember: Keep your background un-distracting, your mic muted sometimes, and be sure to use gallery view mostly.

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News & Notes

The dark, dismal year of 2020 is slowly coming to an end. Can we all take a moment or two to reflect upon what has almost become history? After all, it is good to reflect upon past events to discover what they are worth and what we might be able to take with us into the new days ahead. If this web editor has learned anything about Mid-America Mensa in 2020, it is this: MAM is something to let everyone talk over and enjoy. It addresses new developments (maybe even those which divide us) original, recent, and those having operational longevity – not unlike those that each of us as individuals have. Let’s try to enjoy what we have and where we find ourselves as a gift!

It is the start of the holiday season, packed with holidays to bring friends and family together. This year we may not be able to travel or gather in person as we would like, but that doesn’t mean we can’t connect and have some fun! So, please join with us for Mid-America Mensa’s first ever Zoom Holiday Party on Saturday, December 19th, 2020, at 7:00 pm. (Check out your December Mension for details.) Come spend an evening with your Mensa family and friends old and new and share what makes the holidays special for you. We’ll have a laugh or three, get to know each other a little better, and maybe learn something new along the way.

Believe it or not, it is already time to start thinking about who will serve on the 2021-2022 MAM Board. The Nominating Committee is responsible for submitting a slate of officers at the Nominating Meeting to be held no later than January 15th. There is also an option to make nominations from the floor, but some stipulations apply, so it is important to review the requirements in the MAM Bylaws. If there is only one nominee for any position, the Election Committee will announce the nominee to be elected ‘by acclamation’. If there is more than one nominee for any position, the Election Committee will be responsible for conducting an election in accordance with the group Bylaws.

Finally, in order to make Mid-America Mensa a more welcoming place for all, we are developing a program to encourage more persons of color to consider joining Mensa. If you have any ideas on this topic, the MAM Board members would like to hear what you have to say. Contact us!

Pythagorean Theorem Day

Pythagorean Theorem Day is celebrated when the sum of the squares of the month and day of a date equals the square of the last 2 digits of the year of that date. So we have one in December, 12/16/20 (122+162=202 or 144+256=400), another one on 7/24/25, and the last one this century will be 10/24/26. But that will be your last chance to celebrate until March of 2105, so don’t wait, whoop it up now!

In honor of the day (and the Theorem), I have included below, one of my favorite graphical proofs of the Pythagorean Theorem. Look closely at the animated image and you can see why, with a right triangle with sides a, b, and c, that a2+b2 must be the same as c2. Note that the right triangles remain the same, they merely get rearranged. It is the left over area that gets reallocated as a2+b2 or c2 within the larger fixed-size square.

Diane Cosper: Remembered

I am sorry to share the news that one of our local members has passed away. Diane Cosper joined Mensa in 2008. During the course of her membership Diane served on our board for two terms as Member-at-large and was an active Proctor. While I did not know Diane personally, she has been described to me as sweet and always willing to help, and her husband Mark told me that her Mensa membership meant a lot to her. Our condolences to Mark and her family. Diane’s Celebration of Life will be on November 14th at College Church of the Nazarene in Olathe. Her obituary and details regarding the Celebration of Life can be found here:

~ Kim Jackowski, President (Local Secretary), Mid-America Mensa

Mensa Private Testing

American Mensa is now offering a Private testing alternative to qualify for Mensa membership in addition to Local Group testing and Prior test score review. Prospects may sign up and prepay for test sessions conducted at Prometric testing centers in many convenient locations. Locations in our local group area include Kansas City, Overland Park, Lee’s Summit, Topeka, Columbia, Jefferson City, and Sedalia. Currently the RAIT (Reynolds Adaptive Intelligence Test) is available and the cost for a test session is $99.

To find a testing location and choose an appointment time, a prospect should visit the American Mensa website at and select “Take the Mensa Admission Test” from the Join menu options and then select “Private Testing Details” for more information and “Purchase Private Testing” to purchase a test session.

This program is a supplement to the Local Group testing program. At this time, Mid-America Mensa has suspended in-person testing by our volunteers, so we’re very happy to see this option available to those interested. We hope to resume our Local Group testing program in 2021. That program has the advantage of a lower cost, partial funding to our Mid-America Mensa local group, and a chance for our volunteers to meet and encourage future Mensa members. We look forward to it.