Lush SwIG

Curt Krambeck[email protected] or 816-519-2022

How do Mid-America Mensa members maximize their monthly fun? There are perhaps many ways. One certain way is to increase the number of interesting and interested members who attend quality SIG group activities and go to events where MAM members can loosen up and relax a bit. Hence, similar to the universal and ubiquitous (omnipresent) Mensa institution called the pub meeting, Lush SwIG has evolved into a happening sort of MAM SIG thing. In other words, we will try any good establishment once!

Distilleries, breweries, pub crawls, oh my. Lush SwIG plans to cover them all in due course of time. If you find yourself interested in a little relaxed mingling and imbibing with a glass or mug in hand and you think participation in the Lush SwIG could be a fun and important part of how you want to belong to Mensa, then check out the Mension each month and see where the Lush SwIG will venture next.

Time and location of Lush SwIG events will vary.