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Mensa on the local level is a volunteer organization, so the more you put into your membership, the more benefit and enjoyment you will receive. It is sometimes difficult to break into a new social group, so we offer the following guidelines to help you get to know us:

Begin by reading your Mension. MAM has had a wide variety of SIGs (Special Interest Groups) through the years. If you don’t find something that suits you, it’s easy to start your own SIG. Determine a place and time and submit a write-up to the Mension editor. It really is that simple. The activity calendar can never be too full of things Mensans like to do.

Pick a SIG or activity and attend. The best way to get involved is to plunge right in. You will find that SIG meetings are mostly informal and consist of conversations among individuals rather than organized group discussions (although we have had organized group discussions, too).

Relax and have a good time meeting people. People often hop around, so don’t feel abandoned if the person you’ve been talking to turns away after a while to talk to someone else. Do the same. Asking questions and listening are good conversation strategies.

Don’t be afraid to say what you think. In Mensa, everyone participates equally because there is no need to prove you are as smart as everyone else. If the first couple of conversations are not your cup of tea, try some others.

Try a variety of activities before you decide what we’re like. As in most large groups, we have a few smaller groups that tend to group together because they’re compatible. Shop around and find a group in which you feel comfortable.

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