Annual Gathering, Kansas City, MO
An Event for the Entire Family
July 3 -7, 2024

American Mensa’s national conventions, the AGs, are Mensa’s biggest parties, and there are as many ways to enjoy a Mensa Party as there are Mensans at the party. Whether you and your family would like to hear speakers, socialize in the hospitality suite, dance the night away, or do virtually anything else in the company of hundreds of other M’s, you should attend an Annual Gathering.

Mensans sometimes hesitate to bring children to AGs because the parents think the Gatherings are only for adults. Wrong! AGs have a lot to offer everyone in the Mensa family, including its youngest members: Young Mensans or YMs, names that refer to Mensa members who are under age 18 and to participating minor children of Mensa members.

People decide to attend AGs for many reasons. Sometimes members are attracted by an AG’s location, or the roster of speakers entices them. Sometimes Mensans attend because they want to become more active members or learn more about American Mensa as an organization. Every AG includes workshops designed to help members learn about and contribute to different aspects of Mensa. However, whatever other motivations are involved, one thing is almost always involved in the decision to attend: AGs are fun! With extensive programs and hundreds of Mensans in attendance, there’s always something to do and someone to talk to. There is no better place to make friends.

Many Mensa adults remember their first Mensa event as having been a time of discovery: “Hey! These people are like me. They get the joke … and I can use my entire vocabulary.” They make more friends faster than they have ever made in their lives.

As difficult as it is for adults to find someone they can relate to, it’s even harder for Young M’s who rarely have an opportunity to meet their peers. Heard from an eleven-year-old girl: “This is the first time in my life I met kids I could actually talk to.”

~ Excerpted from The Flame, April 2004, Central Florida Mensa, by Kathe Oliver.