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March Promotions

Do you have what it takes to get into Mensa? In March, prospective members can apply by submitting evidence of scores from prior intelligence testing. Send us your past standardized intelligence test scores to American Mensa, and we’ll evaluate yours for free in...

March Theodore Talk Information

Give 'em Hell – The Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and Museum Sunday, March 24th, 2:30 pm Central Time (3:30 Eastern, 1:30 Mountain, 12:30 Pacific, 8:30 GMT) Where: via Zoom The Harry S. Truman Library, the first Presidential Library to be created under the...

Book Talk – February 11th, 2024

No one was motivated to drive to the downtown library.  Peggy’s back is still bothering her, and John was working on his taxes, so we all ended up meeting virtually for our book discussions.  Beth and Christina called in, and Linda was back with us after missing...

Mensa Testing in February for Only $30

We currently have the following test session scheduled in this area. Saturday, February 10th, 10:00 am Lenexa City Center Library, Johnson County Library 8778 Penrose Lane, Lenexa, KS The test session will be held in conference room number 5.  The fee for testing is...

February Theodore Talk Information

National WWI Museum & Memorial Sunday, February 25th, 2:30 pm Central Time (3:30 Eastern, 1:30 Mountain, 12:30 Pacific, 8:30 GMT) Where: via Zoom Soon after World War I ended, Kansas City leaders formed the Liberty Memorial Association (LMA) to create a lasting...

Book Talk – January 14th, 2024

It was a cold, cold day in January, so we did not meet in person at the downtown library.  In fact, it was cold everywhere, as Beth, Jim, Peggy and Christina can attest.  Instead it was back to Zoom where we could all stay nice and toasty warm. AND!!! Nathan joined...

Joseph Dwigans: A Remembrance

Joseph Leroy Dwigans October 13, 1921 -- November 28, 2023 Although Joe was born in Iowa and traveled the world extensively, we in Mid-America Mensa are fortunate that he finally chose to settle in Kansas City. MAM was founded in 1964; Joe joined MAM in June 1964 and...

January Theodore Talk Information

Kansas City BBQ Sunday, January 28th, 2:30 pm Central Time via Zoom (3:30 ET, 1:30 Mountain, 12:30 Pacific, 8:30 GMT)   Are you attending the AG in Kansas City this year? Of course, you are! And once you’re in town you are going to want to eat some BBQ. But where...

Book Talk – December 10th, 2023

It was a real treat to have Christina join us in person.  She drove all the way from Colorado to visit her dad but included us on her itinerary as well.  We might even see her again on her next visit! John was back with us in person as well; always good to see...

Holiday Cookie Exchange

MAM's Holiday Cookie Exchange 2023 Sunday, December 17th at Anita's House, 2:00 pm Please RSVP to Anita by December 14th, 2023   The holidays can be a joyous occasion for almost everyone everywhere around the world. In addition, how people celebrate can take many...

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1845: Congress overrides presidential veto for first time
1879: United States Geological Survey created
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