Citizen Science with SciStarter: People-Powered Science

Sunday, September 24th, at 2:30 pm via Zoom

Can everyone be involved in scientific research? Should everyone be involved in real research? Citizen science, community science, neighborhood science, participatory science — these terms all mean the same thing: a collaboration between scientists and those of us who are curious, concerned, and motivated to make a difference. It is a method of community engagement that furthers our understanding of our world and the power of diverse and crowdsourced data. is a digital gateway to a database of citizen science projects. This database connects and disseminates otherwise siloed citizen science activities and makes engagement trajectories explicitly visible in service to the public, organizers, and researchers.

Citizen science is real science and has led to breakthroughs in scientific research. Because of citizen scientists, we now know that bird populations have declined by 50% and birds are breeding earlier. These phenological asynchrony events are not isolated to birds, the first flowering of 19 species of plants has moved 9 days earlier over the past decade. Citizen scientists found a new type of aurora in the night sky (and the citizen scientists named it Steve!). In one weekend, citizen scientists accomplished 2,566 research hours, or 3.5 months of lab-equivalent research time, for an Alzheimer’s research project. It is through citizen science that people of all walks of life can engage with real science in ways that matter.

Join Emma Giles, a SciStarter Program Coordinator and Science and Technology Policy graduate student, to learn how citizen science is improving our society’s understanding and relationship with science. She will demonstrate how SciStarter is helping to build networks of highly accurate, crowdsourced research and how you can get involved.

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