Cabin Fever 2023
DoubleTree Hotel in Overland Park

10100 College Blvd, Overland Park, KS 66210
February 10-12, 2023

Whoa, you won’t want to miss Cabin Fever this year. The Speaker Chairs have been busy. They are lining up five or six “knock your socks off” speakers. Maybe literally, who knows. Here is the best of our speaker list so far:

Catiara Marie     Tarot card reader — She will give a presentation on Saturday. She will then set up a table to do more readings if needed.
Kevin Winer     Director, Kansas City Police Crime Laboratory
Robert & Kelly Pascuzzi     [Editor’s note: CANCELED!] Authors of the book THE RAVINE which was made into a recent movie.
Dr. Russell Kohl     A Life Amongst Disasters — He will share first-hand experiences, knowledge, and stories gained across multiple large-scale disasters, giving a human perspective of the responders and victims while also gleaning lessons to prepare us for future events.
Tim Marks
     KC Improv — He will put on a short class on the art of improv.
Theresa Maze     Belly Dancer — She will have a short class and demonstration on the art of belly dancing.
Nick Padgett     Executive Director of Padgett Productions — A talk about the shows his company puts on and how he got into the business.
Jodi & Kitty Solbrig will teach Modern Swing, also called West Coast Swing. Modern Swing gives both dance partners the opportunity to take speaking and listening roles in the dance, much like a conversation that you have with your bodies. After one class, you’ll be able to apply what you learned and dance Modern Swing in the wild.
Daisy Bucket & Tajma Stetson    
Drag Queens extraordinaire — They will provide some after dinner entertainment.

Do you remember last year’s Scavenger Hunt? Well, it’s back this year. Last year’s winning couple from Nebraska had so much fun they are helping put together this year’s brain teaser.

Some of us are beer aficionados. Light, IPA, Ale, Stout? Taste LocSec Curt Krambeck’s five flavors of homebrew at the Friday night beer tasting. See how they compare to your favorites. And yes, there will be a wine tasting on Saturday night. Arnie Millan, sommelier, who recently moved here and transferred his membership to MAM, will enlighten us this year on wine nuances.

The Cabin Fever Soup Contest: We know there are at least two people determined to win first place. Or will the Dyers make it three wins in a row? Who knew they were so souper! And we’ve had a sneak preview of the prizes. No hints, but if you have a kitchen, you will want one. Handcrafted (special things) created by John Ford. Not the movie director John Ford, although both were in the navy.

And throughout the weekend, Paul Hough will see to it that there are games, puzzles, and tournaments to stoke your not-soup-related competitive spirit.

For more information and the links to register for a DoubleTree Hotel room or to attend Cabin Fever 2023, go here: