It’s renewal time!  The 2021-2022 membership year is coming to an end, and the 2022-2023 year will begin on April 1.  Be sure to renew your American Mensa membership by March 31, 2022 to ensure you don’t lapse.

2021 was a brilliant, although bumpy, year for Mid-America Mensa with a mix of old and new activities, events, and benefits.  Currently, MAM is planning the regular fun stuff as well as some special activities in 2022.  If you have been concerned about whether to attend MAM’s events, we are happy to report that we have not been advised of anyone becoming ill with COVID-19 after attending Cabin Fever 4.0 in February.  But the events are only a part of the benefit of being a Mensa member.  You get emails and publications by Mensa highlighting cool advancements across science, technology, and the arts and humanities.  Your dues help pay for scholarships for students to pursue their continuing education – both at the local and national levels.  Your financial ability to contribute may also help Mensa Foundation publish the Mensa Research Journal which highlights scholarly articles and research related to intelligence from a variety of nationally and internationally esteemed authors.  You also get bragging rights.  But even if you aren’t the bragging type, just carrying the card is cool – knowing you are among the top 2% of the world in intelligence.