Cabin Fever Recap

Our 45 attendees enjoyed a bounty of hospitality, games, a wicked scavenger hunt, prizes, some truly engaging speakers, a wine tasting, a beer tasting, a little bit of dancing and the pleasure of each other’s company. We even collected a box of books for Reach Out and Read and received some donations for our scholarship fund. It was a packed weekend and none of it would have happened without hours of preparation and coordination by the Cabin Fever planning committee members: Co-Chairs Rob & Sara, Diana, Shawn, Tony, Curt, Lewis, Anita, Brad, Delmont, Cynthia, and yours truly. A good time was had by all! ~ LocSec Kim Jackowski

Ethnic Eats

Saturday, March 12th, 1:00 pm
St. Patrick’s at Conroy’s Public House
4730 Rainbow Blvd., Westwood, KS

Yasmeen’s Cafe serves very flavorful eastern African dishes, full of cardamom, turmeric, cumin, and cinnamon. Nothing too spicy but even the spinach and cabbage/carrot dishes were flavorful. Our entrees were across the board, with lamb, goat, chicken, tilapia, and vegetarian. It is a very small business, with plenty of seating, but only one person on the register, the other plating the orders. As predicted by the reviews, several items were not ready: most notably the lentil soup and chapati. Most folks said they enjoyed their choices, though the lamb shank was too tough to cut with plasticware. In March, Ethnic Eats SIG makes their way to St. Patrick’s at Conroy’s Public House, 4730 Rainbow, Westwood, KS. Please note: RSVP are appreciated so we can sit together. See your copy of the March Mension for more information like contact details. ~ Karin Miller

Theodore Talk Information

Sunday, March 27th via Zoom at 2:30 pm
National Debt: Why You’ve Got It All Backwards (An Introduction to Modern Monetary Theory)
Sam Levey, iPhD student in Economics & Public Administration at the University of Missouri–Kansas City

Everyone knows that politicians’ fiscal irresponsibility has produced a national debt cloud that is hovering ominously over future generations. Or has it? Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) is making waves in economic policy circles, offering a new vision of how government debt and deficits work. This talk by Sam Levey, an iPhD student in economics and public administration at the University of Missouri–Kansas City, will explain the basics of MMT, explore how it upends the old paradigm in macroeconomics, and discuss how MMT might help to shape a new era of social policy.

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CultureQuest® XXXIII

While CultureQuest® might be considered a trivia game or competition, its intent has always been to promote and test cultural literacy. Facing questions that range from film to politics, from literature to geography, from music to history and farther afield, Mensan teams of up to five members gather via Zoom on a single day across the U.S. and Canada, and for two hours compete for cash prizes and cultural literacy bragging rights.

Contest Date: Sunday, April 24, 2022, 3:00 p.m. Central Time. The morning of the quiz, Team Captains will be emailed a link to collect answers and an additional PDF copy of the quiz for reference. Only the Team Captain should open the quiz.

Register by Date: Thursday, March 31, 2022. (Earlier, if you want to organize a team through Mid-America Mensa.)

Entry Fees: $50 per team, payable at registration. Mid-America Mensa has agreed to cover two teams’ fees this year. (Three teams, if one is a Youth Division team.)

Go to the national website to register your team: