It is often stated that the distribution of intelligence test scores is shaped like a bell curve when it is explained by experts. If you feel this is so for how you could score, then you may want to think more about testing with a high IQ society like American Mensa and Mid-America Mensa. Do you think you have what it takes to belong where brilliance belongs and especially here in the heart of America?

Do you know that there are often discounts on America Mensa’s practice test, our Local Group (LG) testing, and even the Prior Evidence review by American Mensa? In July, for example, American Mensa is offering 50% off Local Group testing as a half-price ($30) LG testing incentive. [Note: Head on over to Take the Mensa Admission Test and then search for Local Group sessions and finally click on Details.] Leveraging this is a great way for Mid-America Mensa to grow our local group’s prospect pool and eventually convert would-be members to members through immediacy and additional financial incentive. In addition, besides a national promotions calendar of the year’s scheduled promotions, please note that there may be unplanned flash promotions throughout the year based on external causes and/or opportunities.

If you think you are interested in and might be qualified for admission to Mensa, would you accept this offer and opportunity? Do you have a Mensa IQ?