By submitting an original item for publication in the Mid-America Mensa Mension or on MAM’s website <>, the contributing writer, artist, or photographer indicates having read, and agreeing to, the following. The copyright to creative material belongs to the originator, even when the publication is copyrighted by the local group. The originator grants a license to the local group to publish the contributed item and to any other Mensa local group to republish the creative material, provided appropriate attribution is shown giving credit to both the originator and Mid-America Mensa. The recommended format is: “By [Originator Name], reproduced from the Mid-America Mensa Mension or the website <> of Mid-America Mensa.” However, if a copyright notice for the originator appears with the item, specific permission to reproduce the item must be obtained directly from the originator. It is the policy of Mid-America Mensa to publish items only when the original source of the creative material is known and rights to reproduce it have been granted to Mid-America Mensa.