Friends SIG

Hey, MAM members:  There is an all-new, all-purpose, all-weather Friends SIG premiering right here within MAM!  The Friends SIG is the following, in total:  find an M, and then call her/him on the phone once a week to see how they’re doing. Especially whether they need anything — a ride to the doctor, some coffee and a treat, or just someone to talk to. What matters is to be there for another M that might need you. One phone call, one M, once a week. That’s it. We only propose that ordinary, garden–variety MAM members try in a simple way to make the world a little better place than it might be for another M.

If you ever wondered how you, one person, can make a difference, join us in this effort. You’re an M, you could be an M–Friend. Friends SIG sole purpose would be to help Mensans take action, based in hope, to look out for other Ms in concrete ways. Ways that go beyond wishing people well as we hurry past them. If Mensans do that, Mensa will become the model of tolerance and acceptance it says it wants to be.

MAM Volunteers Needed

Did you know that Mid-America Mensa is run entirely by volunteers? If you take a look at the back page of the Mension, you will see a list of our local members who are currently serving on the Board, as Appointed Officers, as Area Coordinators and as SIG coordinators. But you will also notice a few open slots!

Special Events Coordinator(s) – So what is a special event? Pretty much any event that is open to the entire membership and is not part of a SIG. While we are not doing any in-person events right now, we could really use help putting together some online events. We could use help planning and hosting online events like speakers, a movie night, happy hours, a salon, or any other fun or interesting idea you can come up with. This does not have to be a one-person job, so if you can help with even one of these events, even if one time, we would love to have you!

Online Games Coordinator – In the age of Covid, we could really use someone who loves to play online games and can help to plan and host some game nights! When we can start meeting in person again, we will be looking for someone to schedule and/or host an in-person game night.

Gifted Youth Coordinator – We have a wonderful parent volunteer, who is coordinating our youth activities, but we could really use a member with some related background to monitor information and resources provided by the national office, help plan and coordinate activities, assist with identifying gifted youth resources, etc. There are some specific requirements for this position. Contact LocSec Kim Jackowski to discuss.

PR Coordinator – The PR coordinator helps to build and maintain awareness of the local group within the community. This position would ideally be held by someone with some experience interacting with the media.

The more people who get involved in planning for and supporting the group, the more fun we can have. Contact LocSec Kim Jackowski about the MAM positions listed above and for more information about how you can get involved as a MAM volunteer.