American Mensa is now offering a Private testing alternative to qualify for Mensa membership in addition to Local Group testing and Prior test score review. Prospects may sign up and prepay for test sessions conducted at Prometric testing centers in many convenient locations. Locations in our local group area include Kansas City, Overland Park, Lee’s Summit, Topeka, Columbia, Jefferson City, and Sedalia. Currently the RAIT (Reynolds Adaptable Intelligence Test) is available and the cost for a test session is $99.

To find a testing location and choose an appointment time, a prospect should visit the American Mensa website at and select “Take the Mensa Admission Test” from the Join menu options and then select “Private Testing Details” for more information and “Purchase Private Testing” to purchase a test session.

This program is a supplement to the Local Group testing program. At this time, Mid-America Mensa has suspended in-person testing by our volunteers, so we’re very happy to see this option available to those interested. We hope to resume our Local Group testing program in 2021. That program has the advantage of a lower cost, partial funding to our Mid-America Mensa local group, and a chance for our volunteers to meet and encourage future Mensa members. We look forward to it.