The ‘Your Thought Counts’ poll is now online. Please vote!

What is it? Find the ‘Your Thought Counts’ poll near the top of this website, along the right-hand sidebar. The poll works like a multiple-choice question with four possible answers for you to choose from and then submit your vote. All you need to do is read the question and select the radio button (or, dot) next to the answer you want to choose. Then hit the Vote button to submit your selected choice (Answer) to our polling form. Again, please vote!

Poll #9 is a question about survival and how we can maybe get more from society. We all probably have some idea which choice is best based upon our own personal experiences. Can you narrow down your choices through a process of elimination and focus your thinking upon which you consider is the best choice – and then vote?

Poll #8: This question was about how we describe the purpose of a good education. Although the vote count was a little low for really deep analysis, there was a clear winner and a runner-up. Most of us, among those of us who voted, were willing to say that we see that the purpose of a good education is to ‘build upon the good things of the past’. I think that this was a solid choice because we all probably have felt and remember the encouragement that teachers, school administrators, and staff have given to us throughout our own schooling experiences. Secondly, at least one of us saw it fair to say that the real purpose of a good education is to make us all critical thinkers. True, we all must leave school, at some point, with an ability to think through our own personal issues in a healthy and reasonable way.

Poll #7: This question was about which notable idea best stated what being intelligent is like. Clearly, there were a few good choices derived from the thoughts and writings of several prominent philosophers. However, among the people who voted in this poll question, the most popular choice turned out to be Plato’s belief that ‘we are all born ready to learn and acquire knowledge’. I’m not surprised by your responses because Plato was a great thinker who believed that the brain starts out in a vague state to be filled up with a ‘rational’ organization of intelligent thoughts. (See also the Allegory of the Cave.) So, we, as human beings, are born with an innate ability to understand the true ‘forms’ of knowledge.

Your thought counts!