Editor’s note: Significant portions of this report were contributed from an email conversation with MAM’s LocSec, Kim Jackowski.

First and foremost, we hope this response to the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and pandemic finds everyone safe and healthy. As you should be aware by now, the circumstances resulting from this seemingly continuing problem situation have impacted almost every aspect of our daily lives. MAM’s regular, monthly activities and calendar of listed events are no exception. The following notes are intended to give you an update on our response to the impacts to our local group.

  • The MAM Board has voted unanimously to cancel the April board meeting, and is planning to do an online/phone conference meeting in May.
  • All gathering activities for the month of April are canceled based on local, state, and federal edicts for social distancing. At this point it seems likely that we will have similar constraints in the month of May, but that is not yet a certainty.
  • Due to the requirements needed to produce the monthly newsletter, our April newsletter was prepared with the regular calendar included, but with repeated notice to check with hosts before attending any given event. Luckily our April Mension was prepared before the ‘stay-at-home’ orders were in place. However, with the edicts which are currently in effect, we believe that we are going to produce and distribute the May Mension to those who have requested physical copies, but there will be an alternative postcard in the event circumstances prevent our printer from producing the May issue for our members.

Thanks to each of you, our (member) readers, for staying connected with MAM during these challenging times, and we look forward to getting through these tough times together. Please be mindful and safe!