IMPORTANT NOTICE:  The weeks ahead will likely pose unknown challenges as we deal with the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Imagine if you will how the limitations of this new normal will continue to effect MAM’s scheduling interests. For example, the Board conducted a vote on March 15th and they have decided to cancel the Spring New Member Party which was scheduled for March 29th. It will be rescheduled when such social gatherings are allowed and conditions improve. Because some of Mid-America Mensa’s social events may be cancelled for health concerns, cancellations can be found posted on this website’s Google calendar and on Facebook. Please do check with the host of any up-coming event before you attempt to attend!

Next, Mid-America Mensa is joining the Mensa Cares! program this year. In coordination with MUFFIN (Mothers United for Families in Need), MAM will be sponsoring a donation drive mainly during the week of April 19-25 to collect needed hygiene supplies. MUFFIN is a group that seeks to provide assistance to children in need so they can pay attention to their education instead of worrying about the basics of life. MUFFIN works closely with counselors at several schools in Olathe to fill a variety of needs to these students. More info on this Mensa Cares! project is available in the April Mension (see page 3). If you are someone just sitting at home and you like the idea of helping, but can’t get out to purchase or drop off items, please consider making a donation to MUFFIN on the Olathe Public Schools Foundation website: Just be sure to choose MUFFIN when you select a fund. Also, thanks for taking part in Mensa Cares!

Finally, from a letter by RVC7 Rich Olcott, our nationwide team trivia contest, CultureQuest®, is approaching – now scheduled to be held May 3rd – and is needing participants who know something about history, literature, science, and other trivia. Entry fees go to support the MERF Scholarship fund; so, get a team together and register at: