Do you know what your score is on a standardized IQ test? Maybe you also wonder what has happened to your score(s). Perhaps you think you have a Mensa-quality capacity to deal with information and produce Mensa-type appropriate behavior – besides, you have shown how to make the right marks in the right places on an IQ test recognized as accurate and credible by Mensa.

If so, do you want a quick and easy way to qualify for membership based on a test that you have already taken at some earlier point in your life? Then, you are in luck!

Prospective members can apply by submitting evidence of scores from prior intelligence testing. In addition, the non-refundable, one-time evaluation is waived in March.

American Mensa accepts approximately 200 different test scores for Mensa membership. Generally, tests of achievement are not accepted, but tests measuring aptitude or ability are. The list of tests is constantly changing as tests go through development and further review. So, let us know:

What is your capacity to detect, encode, store, sort, and process signals generated in the Universe and transduce them into an optimal output pattern of instructions? ~ Serebriakoff, 1998 (How Intelligent Are You? pg. 12)

In other words, we know that your mind has this, but do you have what it takes to fit into Mensa?