“Now to the intelligence we rate so highly, the conceptual intelligence that deals in symbols, solves larger problems and begins to comprehend the universe.” ~ Victor Serebriakoff, 1985 (Mensa, pg. 197)

We all get to a place where we need to be instructed, so that our brains can act in a meaningful way. Do you know what intelligence and IQ testing can do for you?

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Once termed ‘habilete’ – or, simply the skill & cleverness of having a general ability in a range of decision-making tasks and activities – intelligence and IQ testing are the art and science of making people use that mental activity which matters most.

Thus, the Prior Evidence Review is free all month. You can learn about submitting your previous qualifying IQ test scores here!

Very similar to the huddle in one of those games of football, the smart people win where the intelligent exchange of a few short verbal cues leads us to go farther by doing more. Make the right decision: Are you game?

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