Once falling at the end of the Roman year, February was made with less days than the other months. This year, while February is still frosty and cold, it offers an extra day just so we can all ‘leap’ into the next month with a good measure of levity and luck. Here’s some of what is happening around Mid-America Mensa in February.

First, Cabin Fever 2020 is happening this month on Saturday, February 22nd from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm, at the Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse, 9101 Nall Avenue, Prairie Village, KS. Among the full schedule of events now being planned are events such as a Salon with a Twist event and an Indian Dinner & Culture presentation:

  • A Salon is where/when a topic is selected and everyone is asked to offer their two-cents’ worth on the subject. The Twist: comments will be limited to one minute at a time. Everyone will have multiple opportunities, in turn with everyone else, to offer their own insights and wisdom. Contact Diana Dyer at [email protected] or (816) 765-8407 with something you’d like the Salon attendees to talk about with their usually insightful and intelligent wit in dialogue.
  • Another special treat at Cabin Fever is some delicious Indian food and a presentation by Manjari Srivastava who will describe the culture behind the cuisine she offers to please your finer culinary taste. Manjari is the driving force behind a non-profit organization called MUFFIN (Mothers United for Families in Need). One of the ways they earn money (& awareness) is to sell Indian food at local events such as the KC Metaphysical Health Fair, and in the past, at India Fest.

Next, CultureQuest® is in an early stage of planning for this year. CultureQuest® is an annual trivia contest where a team gathers in someone’s home and works together for 90 minutes to answer a packet of trivia questions. The contest will be on Sunday, May 3rd with a filing deadline at the end of March. This year, Mid-America Mensa has voted to fund two adult teams and a youth team. You can contact Paul Hough with your interest in participating or questions about CultureQuest®.

Finally, the election results for the new slate of candidates to be MAM’s Board of Directors for the April 1, 2020 – March 31, 2021 term have been declared by acclamation. The newly elected Board is as follows:  LocSec – Kim Jackowski, 1st VP – Larry Cork, 2nd VP – Brad Lucht, Secretary – Curt Krambeck, Treasurer – Shawn Dyer, 1st Member-at-Large Jean Plumb, and 2nd Member-at-Large Susannah Sulsar.