Do you feel the lethargy that winter weather can bring on us all and, maybe, do you have that feeling of being pent up indoors? Can you see a weird change in the way that people – including yourself – function while getting along with something of a daily routine? Is winter’s colder, more inclement weather making your daily life (& moods) more difficult than when being on a beach vacation? If so, then, consider joining us by registering early for and coming to Mid-America Mensa’s Cabin Fever Winter Retreat Event scheduled for next month.

Saturday, February 22nd from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm
Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse
9101 Nall Avenue, Prairie Village, KS

Cabin Fever this year will offer board game tournaments, a crochet demonstration, puzzles, a soup tasting contest, candy tasting, cheese tasting, beer tasting, a genealogy presentation, charades, karaoke, Werewolf (a social deduction game), and more!


Time Rosewood Room Birch Room
10 AM – prep Volunteers setup
11 AM – opening Registration opens
Board games and puzzles
12 PM Lunch and Soup judging
Volunteer provided soups in Crock pots, salad bar, bread and peanut butter/ jelly
Volunteer recognition
1 PM Ticket to Ride Tournament Crochet demonstration
2 PM Clue Tournament Candy tasting event
3 PM Monopoly Tournament Werewolf game
4 PM Karaoke Salon Event
5 PM Scrabble Tournament  Genealogy presentation
6 PM Dinner 
Pizza, hot dogs, salad bar, and Indian food
Indian Culture presentation
7 PM General game play Cheese tasting
8 PM Werewolf game Beer tasting
9 PM General game play Trivia
10 PM General game play
11 PM – Close Cleanup

Admission is for Mensans and their guests and children: Adults are $30 and youngsters to 18 years-old are free. Check out the Mension for more of the heart-warming details as they become available. Please keep an eye on MAM’s Facebook events page for more information as well. Registration will be handled through Eventbrite: <>. Admission at the door will be $35.

In addition, volunteers are always welcome and needed – sign up here: <>. Do you want to show off your soup-cooking skills and get a discount on the event tickets? If so, please contact Susannah Sulsar. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a real ‘diagnosis’, not unlike hibernation, and it is not automatically or easily remedied. So, think of MAM’s Cabin Fever 2020 as your invitation to beat the winter blues, to get away and out of the funk you’re in, and to let your seasonal hormones know that you are thinking about them too!