November is another rock-solid month which can be full of traditional activities. Starting with what remains left of Halloween night – candy, costumes, and All Saints’ Day – then Election Day, Veterans Day, ending with Thanksgiving weekend and St. Andrew’s Day, Mensans of Mid-America Mensa have much for which to be grateful and to feel happy and blessed. We have accomplished much throughout most of 2019, so far, besides all that which is ahead of us. Now, let’s take a look at what else is happening across MAM.

Paul completes his brief stint at hosting Ethnic Eats, in November, when we head to Zona Rosa’s Swagat (7407 NW 87th Street, KCMO) and their daily lunch buffet. You’ve got to help wrap up Ethnic Eats with this event if – in Paul’s words – you’ve “been wanting to do Indian food”. And if that’s you, see the November Mension for details and RSVP with Paul.

Editor’s note: Thanks for a job well done, Paul!

Some of us are familiar with Kansas City’s fascinating and rich history of barbecue, jazz, and baseball. Well, did you know that engineering (which is another one of Kansas City’s claims to fame) has deep roots in the brewing process of beer – in other words, the distillation process of alcoholic libations has given KC another claim to its international fame? In October, the Lush SwIG (MAM’s Special Interest Group) took a tour of Tom’s Town Distillery. Those who attended were able to see the spirit-making process and ask numerous questions about bourbon, gin, and vodka. The chemistry of their setup was interesting and so was hearing an interpretation of the flavors and aromas of each beverage as they were sampled in the tasting room. If you like checking out various distilleries, brew pubs, and wineries then please consider joining us at one of the Lush SwIG meetups!

Thursday, November 21st at 7:00 pm
Oak and Steel, 120 W 17th Street, Kansas City, MO