September is another interesting month which has a lot to offer. Labor Day, the traditional end of summer, occurs during this seventh – or rather, the ninth – month. Pools and beaches typically close down then as the warmer air temperatures tend to cool off. In Mid-America Mensa, many events are still planned for occurring.

Everyone needs a friend, right? After all, belonging to a social club should have perks like a diversity among its general membership and a feeling of inclusion by individual members. If you think you need some of the fellowship that MAM offers, then check out the KC Area Singles (SIG) meet-and-greet hosted by Curt Krambeck. Get all of the details in the Mension and be sure to RSVP by visiting the Facebook event at MAM’s group page, Or, simply show up and look for the smart guy with the Mensa logo sign.

Incorporating changes based on member feedback, the Mensa Voucher Program (MVP) will return for a third year. The goal remains the same: to leverage the strength of our membership to recruit others to test or submit qualifying scores – for free! All members are encouraged to share the discount code with a prospective member who may use it to submit prior evidence or sit for a supervised test by this year’s end.

Also, Mid-America Mensa has had a February event named Cabin Fever in the recent past. It hasn’t happened every year but we are excited to have someone willing to lead the planning for a Cabin Fever RG (Regional Gathering) in 2020. We invite one and all member(s) to join us for the first planning meeting. Every Mensan is bound to have some great ideas for an exciting Cabin Fever RG. Get all of the details in the Mension, RSVP on the Facebook event page at, or simply show up and look for the conference room a little before 7:00 pm.

Finally, on Friday, September 13th at 8:00 pm we will be going to see Bright Star at the Olathe Civic Theatre (OCTA) located at 500 E. Loula Street, Olathe, KS. To RSVP please visit the Facebook event page at, or simply show up and look for the smart person with the Mensa logo sign. Get all of the details in the Mension. Editor’s note: This MAM event has been canceled due to a SOLD OUT show.