July, in my humble opinion, is a rare treat. It can be a really hot time not only because of the heat we all associate with this month, but it also offers lots of exciting things to do. Stay informed over this next month as many events will come to their fruition in Mid-America Mensa. Next year at this time we’ll all be talking about the American Mensa Annual Gathering 2020 scheduled to be in Kansas City.

July Walkabout will find us at Antioch Park, July 6th at 11:00 am. Check out the July Mension for the heavenly details (and the right contact info). Walkabouts are about walking and any Mensan can join in with this group.

Do you like great community theater? We have a new Community Theater Special Interest Group (SIG) starting up — so, you’re in luck! We’ll select different community theaters around the metro area so we’ll be able to sample a variety of productions from all parts of the Kansas City area. To get into contact with the SIG Coordinator (Rob) for more info or to RSVP for attending these SIG events, join the Mid America Mensa Facebook group and look for event details as they become available. Currently, the theater tour will begin with Hanging by the End of a Leash, July 19th in KCMO. Other scheduled events include Mamma Mia! in Leavenworth (August) and Bright Star in Olathe (September).

Finally, Mid-America Mensa will revisit CultureQuest — or rather we’ll look at Everything You Always Wanted To Know About CultureQuest (But Were Afraid To Ask). Maybe you missed out of getting on a team this time around. Maybe you would simply like to know more about CultureQuest before joining up. Well, CultureQuest Revisited was planned (for Sunday, July 21st at 2:00 pm) to quench your thirst for this kind of knowledge. After all, it’s all about cultural trivia which isn’t really trite (or trivial) at all! Join us on July 21st for all the answers to your most pressing questions.