CultureQuest, Mensa’s annual trivia contest, is in the very early stages of forming teams according to the February 2019 Mension. Up to two teams will be funded by the Board of Mid-America Mensa. So, if you are interested in testing your trivial mettle against other Mensans in CultureQuest, then look for more info about CultureQuest as it becomes available in the Mension and online.

CultureQuest Update — On Sunday, April 28th, 2019, at 3 pm CDT all across America, all at the same time, teams of Mensans will be participating in CultureQuest, a contest of general knowledge trivia administered by American Mensa. Registration deadline is Sunday, March 31st! >>

Second, one of us deserves some great recognition! A core group of regular members and others accounting for six to 20 people usually attend the activities of Ad Astra Mensa in the Topeka (KS) area. Kenneth Helstrom, a member of Ad Astra Mensa, has attended every single Ad Astra event since June 10th, 2013. So, now just recently Ken has been recognized for his banner effort with a plaque which reads:

Kenneth Helstrom
Most Devoted Mensan
“We are grateful for your dedication”
Ad Astra Mensa

Congratulations, Ken!

Also, in other related news, MAM’s Tony Jackowski has qualified as a candidate for the position of 2019-2020 Heartland Region Vice Chair in the April elections. Look for more info about Tony’s run for RVC in upcoming issues of the Mensa Bulletin. Good luck, Tony!