Part of my responsibility in being your MAM web editor is to communicate results, to help show an outcome. It could only boost what may be considered the ‘interpersonal’ side of this website, right? Well, let me apply a lens to what has been happening across Mid-America Mensa recently. This is what I see as some news and a few notes:

First, the voting on the Bylaws Revisions has concluded and the new changes have passed with ‘flying colors’ according to the committee Chairperson. Thus, the new Mid-America Mensa Bylaws are approved and will be published in the Mension soon.

Next, MAM’s website has been moved to a new server. A new theme has also been swapped in. Both of these changes are giving the website a fresher look and more robust feel to it. If you see something you like here — or maybe even anything you don’t like — then you can surely let us know about it.

Finally, the full slate of 2019-2020 MAM Board nominees were elected by acclamation as all positions were filled by one, and only one, nominee. These results, and changes to the governance of Mid-America Mensa, will be published in the Mension soon as well.