What is both mentally challenging and a physically demanding sport?

Many people mistakenly believe climbing is about upper body strength, as in how strong your grip is and how many pull-ups you can do. Actually, climbing relies primarily on your core; this is why climbers are known for having great-looking abs. Balance is much more relevant to successful climbing than grip strength or how many pull-ups you can do. Most types of holds aren’t really gripped at all, and for most climbing moves we push ourselves up rather than pull ourselves up. — Mark Lamendola

Recently, Mark Lamendola explained that there are two different types of climbing, both of which are done inside climbing gyms. No rock, it’s mainly plastic. One is bouldering (mostly slab bouldering) and the other is top-roping.

“We are trained, experienced climbers,” he continued; “we do have a path for new climbers to join us, but it’s not the case they can just show up and climb with us.” If you’re in the KC area and think you might like to start climbing, please contact either Ibex (Blue Springs) or Apex (Overland Park) to take their introductory course. After you’ve taken the introductory course, contact Mark ([email protected]) for one-on-one free lessons with someone in our group. If you’re not in the KC area, look for a climbing gym near you and check it out.