Q-1/ How did you become interested in art?

Wes/ I’ve been interested in art as long as I can remember. I recall, vividly, drawing when I was a child, and the magic of being able to render whatever I wanted. I always had a knack for drawing and was always known for it. My parents are both artists, so I grew up surrounded by art supplies. I’ve studied art my entire life, through high school, college, and grad school in NYC.

Q-2/ How did you get started in Mensa?

Wes/ I became interested in Mensa only after taking an IQ test. My score qualified, and I was aware of Mensa, so I applied, knowing it would be interesting.

Q-3/ What kind of artist would you say that you are?

Wes/ I’m an oil painter. My style could be called a mix between Impressionism and Pop art. My work is representational, rather than abstract, meaning I paint things as you see them in the world around you. My background is in illustration (drawing), rather than in painting. I intended to be a commercial illustrator, but found I had more ability as an oil painter.

Q-4/ In which direction is the business going?

Wes/ My business is going in the direction of fine art, works that sell through galleries and private commissions.

Q-5/ If you were at a party, the talk in your same corner of the room would be about what?

Wes/ If I was at a party I’d likely be talking about paleontology. It’s my primary love outside of art. I dig for fossils locally and occasionally travel to Montana where I dig for dinosaurs with my friends in the paleontology department from the University of Kansas.

[Note: Portions of this interview were edited for style, but not for content.]