Mensa offers unmatched benefits for gifted kids

Sometimes it’s a challenge to be the smartest person in the room. It can be a bigger challenge if you are a kid. Mensa has resources that can help gifted youth with that challenge.

  • We have more than 3,000 members under the age of 18. It is the fastest growing demographic in the membership.
  • Among the resources we offer is, which provides lesson plans and activities that anyone can access and use, either in their classroom or at home. You can learn the scientific properties behind slime and how to make your own (moms love this!). We also have supplemental learning opportunities for our members through our partnership with Stanford’s Education Program for Gifted Youth.
  • Are your kids budding authors? We provide an outlet to write and get published in our quarterly magazine just for kids,YM2, and the Mensa Book Parade gives young members a chance to review the latest book releases for kids.
  • The Mensa Education & Research Foundation offers scholarship assistance to students who are both members and non-members. The Mensa Honor Society is open to young Mensans aged 10-18 who have not graduated.

Psstt… You must be 14 years or older to take the Mensa Admission Test but find out how to become a member without taking the test.

–from US Mensa webpage