BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA: These New Year’s business resolutions can help catapult your company to new heights in 2009, according to new thinking from Australia Mensa leader Ainslie Waldron.

Eliminate your biggest barrier during January

Every business has at least one roadblock to their success and it’s easy to spot with this simple test for business owners: “What is the one thing that frustrates me the moment I walk into work or keeps me awake at night?”

Sometimes the barrier is a person in the wrong position or a supplier holding you hostage. Resolve to eliminate your biggest barrier during January.

Lock down a new customer in January

There’s no easier time to get a new customer than during an economic downturn. Although it seems counterintuitive it makes sense; your competitors are firing sales staff and retrenching. Prospecting is likely down across your industry so be different. Call some potential customers with a small high-value proposition to start a relationship. Even if the profit is small initially, you can have a customer for life.

Find a new supplier or vendor every quarter

Most businesses fall into a rut when it comes to suppliers and vendors. If you have all the same suppliers from last year and no new ones, chances are your business is missing out on new products or services that your customers or clients could benefit from. In challenging times the business owner who seeks out additional supplier relationships will be rewarded with new products, low prices, joint marketing and other benefits.

Launch a new niche market effort

Every successful business leader has at least one great idea they have been thinking about for a year but are waiting “Until the time is right”. Well guess what? The time is never just right and while your competitors are pulling back there is no better time to launch something new for your business. So write down that idea, make a plan, and test it out in January. You’ll be surprised at the results.
Tuesday, December 30, 2008
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