1) a) Mary Magdalene b) For God so loved the world

2) a) Ahab b) Judge

3) a) Niacin (B3) b) D c) C
d) Iodine e) Thiamine (B1) f) A

4) Anatolia/Turkey (Cappadocia)

5) a) George McClellan b) Lincoln

6) a)  b) 

 They weighed the heart against the feather of truth

8) Henry Ford

9) a) Eating b) Drinking
c) Smoking d) Sex
(also, swearing, lying, cheating, fighting, music, dancing)

10) Mae Jemison, M.D.

11) a) Ibis b) Cat c) Jackal (dog) d) Cow

12) Taoism

13) a) Paris b) London c) Naples d) Bath

14) Beatrix Potter

15) Shakers

16) a) Hawaii b) Maui c) Molokai d) Oahu
e) Kauai f) Lanai g) Kahoolawe h) Niihau

17) Zia sun symbol

18) Green

19) Animals

20) Oculus

21) Architecture

22) a) His mother b) Thomas Carlyle

23) Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.

24) Serialism (serial technique, dodecaphony, 12-tone composition)

25) Antonin Dvorak

26) a) King Lear d) Ran
b) Macbeth e) Throne of Blood
c) Hamlet f) The Bad Sleep Well

27) a) Two weeks
b) 20
c) 64.8 mg (1/15 gram, 1/20 scruple, 1/480 ounce)
d) 93 million miles (distance from Earth to Sun)

28) a) Benjamin Britten b) Billy Budd

29) Incubus

30) a) Moai b) Rapa Nui (The Navel of the World)

31) Katherine Dunham

32) Conspicuous Consumption

33) Wynton Marsalis

34) Epistolary (1/2 for Letters)

35) a) King Henry V b) Othello
c) Twelfth Night d) Much Ado About Nothing
e) Romeo and Juliet

36) a) Pro Patria Mori
b) Horace c) Wilfrid Owen

37) a) Christ b) Victory c) The Trinity
d) Pilgrimage e) Lust, Fecundity, Fertility

38) a) Mexican (-American) War) b) War of 1812

39) a) Author of the Declaration of Independence
b) Author of the Statute of Virginia for Religious Freedom
c) Father of the University of Virginia

40) a) U b) MS
c) C d) VA
e) U f) PA
g) C h) GA
i) U j) TN

41) a) Marina (Portia) b) Ariel
c) Killed/Eaten by bear d) Antonio
e) Mistresses Page and Ford

42) Net (and trident and dagger)

43) Malcolm X (Malcolm Little)

44) a) Chin Shih Huang Ti (Qin Shi Huang) (Ying Zheng)
b) (Henry) Pu Yi

45) -273 � 37 = -310

46) a) At least 35 years old
b) Born in U. S.
c) Lived in U. S. for at least 14 years

47) a) Grover Cleveland b) Abraham Lincoln

48) Blood (Conflict) diamonds

49) Explosion of Krakatoa

50) a) Africa b) Afghanistan

51) a) Antonia Novello b) Joycelyn Elders

52) Soldiers killed in Afghanistan and Iraq

53) Ralph J. Bunche ( 1950. Martin Luther King, Jr. won in 1964)

54) Punctuated Equilibrium

55) a) Animalia b) Plantae c) Fungi
d) Protista e) Monera

56) Four (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune)

57) a) Combined DNA Index System
b) Automated Fingerprint Identification System
c) Polymerase chain reaction
d) Gas chromatography mass spectrometry

58) Detect electromagnetic fields

59) Coleoptera (beetles)

60) (European or Western) Honeybee

61) Hexagon

62) a) Subduction b) Meteor (asteroid) impact

63) Programmed Cell Death

64) a) Intake b) Compression
c) Power (combustion) d) Exhaust

65) a) B-cells and T-cells b) T-cells

66) The sensation that ants (insects) are crawling on one�s skin

67) a) Orally (by sugar cube) b) Polio

68) 1600, 2000, 2400

69) Nautical (6080 feet, vs. 5280 feet for a standard mile)

70) Dysnomia

71) The Golden Hour

72) Monsters (birth defects)

73) Emmitt Smith

74) a) Potato b) Tomato c) Pepper d) Tobacco
(also, eggplant, petunia, tomatillo, belladonna)

75) (Weight in pounds x 703) divided by (height in inches, squared)
(Weight in kilograms) divided by (height in meters, squared)

76) a) Rabbit (or goat) b) Goat
c) Sheep d) Goat
e) Musk ox

77) Deleted

78) Bamiyan Buddhas

79) Alabama (Helen Keller)

80) a) Bermuda b) Golden c) Red
d) Coral e) Sunni

81) a) B b) C c) D d) A e) D f) B g) E h) C i) B j) A

82) Phidias (Polykleitos, Myron, Praxiteles)

83) a) Das Rheingold b) Die Walkure
c) Siegfried d) Gotterdammerung

84) Eddie Arcaro

85) a) Head b) Wife c) Hat d) Ass

86) Madame C. J. Walker

87) Any three: Franklin P. Adams, Robert Benchley, Heywood Brown, Harpo Marx, Dorothy Parker, Robert E. Sherwood, Frank Case, Edna Ferber, George S. Kaufman, Neysa McMein, Harold Ross, Alexander Woollcott, Marc Connelly, John Peter Toohey, Tallulah Bankhead, Jane Grant, Ruth Hale, Beatrice Kaufman, Donald Ogden Stewart, Deems Taylor

88) The Creatures of Prometheus

89) Philadelphia, PA (Elfreth�s Alley)

90) a) Robert Gould Shaw b) Black freedmen

91) Asian (mostly Japanese) �American

92) Inuksuk (Inukshuk, Inunnguaq)

93) Robert E. Lee

94) Spiro T. Agnew

95) a) John Adams b) Eleanor Roosevelt
c) Carl Sagan d) Arthur C. Clarke
e) Thomas De Quincey

96) U.S.A.

97) a) Enigma b) Purple

98) a) Methicillin (Multiple) Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus
b) Extensively (Extremely) Drug Resistant Tuberculosis
c) Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome

99) 108 (1896-2004)

100) a) Sparta b) Spartan and laconic

101) Dividend Reinvestment Plan (Program)

102) Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch

103) F = (9/5 x C) + 32

104) Herbert Spencer

105) a) Lift b) Thrust
c) Gravity (weight) d) Drag

106) Twilight (dawn and dusk)

107) a) Epee fencing b) Pistol shooting
c) Freestyle swimming d) Show jumping
e) Cross country running

108) Edison

109) a) Whale b) Basking

110) Horseshoe crab

111) a) Ricin b) Georgi Markov

112) Mycology

113) a) Americium � 241 b) Alpha

114) a) Prophase b) Metaphase
c) Anaphase d) Telophase

115) Shema

116) a) 20 b) 12 c) 4 d) 2

117) a) Earthquake b) Landslide (underwater)
c) Volcanic eruption d) Meteor impact with ocean

118) a)


o o


o o

120) Tenerife, Canary Island

121) Arafura Sea I Northern Territory B
Bass Strait N Queensland D
Coral Sea L South Australia C
Great Australian Bight O Tasmania G
Great Barrier Reef K Tasman Sea M
Gulf of Carpentaria J Timor Sea H
Indian Ocean P Western Australia A
New South Wales E Victoria F

122) Counting Coup

123) The Silence of the Lambs

124 a) Dog b) Bitch
c) Peacock d) Peahen
e) Cob f) Pen
g) Buck h) Doe
i) Jack j) Jenny

Tie breaker:


1 a) No point for just �Mary� � there were a lot of Marys in the NT. Mary was the Heather of her day.
10. The first black woman in space was not Oprah Winfrey. But she could be next.
17. Zuni is a different tribe than Zia.
23. Some people conveyed the gist in fewer than 10 words.
24. Twelve-tone music is not necessarily atonal.
26. Don�t feel bad if you didn�t know �Hamlet/The Bad Sleep Well,� no one did.
29. As someone noted, starring William Shatner. It�s not a bad movie, really, although they say his accent is atrocious.
33. Duke Ellington should have been first, but he got screwed.
35. Theses were all recent movies.
40. Something I noticed: ChickamauGA is in Georgia(GA)
41a) I was going for �Marina� (as in Oswald), but Portia (wife of Brutus) works too.
c) �loss of virginity� is not the correct answer, although it did make me laugh. I thought this question would be a gimme, like Deborah = judge, but I was wrong.
44. �Shih Huang Ti� means First Emperor.
45. Subtrahend: a number to be subtracted from another; minuend: the number from which the subtrahend is to be subtracted. Switching them around gave you a positive answer, which was only off by 620 degrees. So a half-point for that is pretty generous.
46. The Constitution does not bar a felon from being President. I hope some other law does.
47. It was perfectly legal to pay someone to fight in your place. Many rich men did.
Lincoln need not have, but he felt obligated to do so.
53. Bunche won in 1950, Martin Luther King, Jr. won in 1964.
54. I hope those who answered �Intelligent Design� were kidding, because that�s a BIG negatory.
60. The Killer Bee is also a honeybee.
62 b) K-T Boundary works also.
63. �Apoptosis� is in the Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, which is why it�s here. And it�s fun to say.
64. �Ignition� is not a stroke, it is part of a stroke.
68. I didn�t mean to screw people up with this one, but apparently I did. Sorry to all you folks who scored minus nine.
70. Dysnomia, not Fred or Bob.
73. Emmitt Smith was on �Dancing With the Stars� and did a �Just For Men� commercial. Oh, and he played football, too.
77. I realized this was worded incorrectly after I sent it to Heather, but by then it was Too Late. It should have said �primates.� The answer I was going for was �guinea pigs.�
79. When someone says �Helen Keller,� I bet you think of Patty Duke saying �waaaa-waaaa.� I know I do. Anyway, I wanted the state name.
80. Most people got Bermuda, Golden, and Sunni, which is what I thought would happen. But I like this question, because I made it up.
81. cloche=hat, ringgit=Malaysian monetary unit, baryton=medieval instrument, tomalley=lobster liver (ick), senet=ancient Egyptian game (I�ve played it, it�s fun),
miniver=ermine fur, Dari=principal language of Afghanistan, ngultrum=Bhutanese monetary unit, peruke=wig, turducken=a turkey stuffed with a duck stuffed with a chicken (just because you can, doesn�t mean you should)
82. Since you could make a case for any of the Greek sculptors, any one is an acceptable answer (e.g. Phidias, Praxiteles, Myron, Polykleitos � but not Testicles).
85. Cockney rhyming slang was developed as a way to confuse outsiders as to what one
is saying. The method is to take a rhyme (e.g. loaf of bread = head), then drop the rhymed word (so loaf = head). For some reason, everyone got �trouble=wife.�
95 e) From deQuincey�s essay, Murder As One of the Fine Arts. Only 2 correct answers.
Many said Twain, Swift, and Bierce, which are good guesses.
100. If you got �Sparta,� then �spartan� was a give-away, so no half-points here.
102. My fourth of six rabbit-related questions, although I don�t suppose anyone noticed a theme. It was subtle. Also a nod to last year�s CQ.
104. Spencer, a sociologist, (mis)applied Darwinism to human society.
108. Topsy the elephant had killed a man who fed her a lit cigarette. I say he had it coming.
110. Lobsters do have blue blood but otherwise don�t fit the bill.
112. Cf. Question 14.
113. To those of you whose smoke detectors emit gamma radiation, I hope you have lead underpants.
115. Whoever wrote the answer in Hebrew is just a showoff.
118. Some of these were drawn quite well. Others, not so much.
119. Another fun word to say. (The 5 pips on one side of a die are arranged this way.)
124. Notice how I got 3 asses, a cock, a tit and a bitch into this? Another theme, maybe not so subtle.