Ok, here�s the deal. I am a part-time Mobile Disc Jockey. I generally do school dances, corporate functions and weddings. These are fairly straight forward events where the music that I can play is restricted to the occasion at hand.

I�ve wanted to offer my services, gratis, for some of the local functions such as the New Member�s Party, but found that I either wouldn�t have room to setup or it may not be appropriate. However, considering I really enjoy �spinnin� the tunes,� I�m open for suggestions where I could contribute to the atmosphere. I�m always looking for events where I can play what I want (I think my musical taste is fairly broad so you wouldn�t have to listen to Jimi Hendrix all night long�)

Not all functions or events could be complimentary but that would be on a case by case basis (i.e. outside of Mensa events, standard rates would apply).

I have sound systems from tiny to enough to fill a gym. Music from the 50�s to today�s top hits is available.

If you have an idea where I could add a sparkle to the atmosphere, please let me know. My email is [email protected] or cell 816-868-7699 (leave message as I don�t always have it on�)

Ron Keyes
-DJ Daddy-