What is happening in March 2003?

March 2003

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

  • Mension Deadline
  • Games2
  • 2

  • RPG
  • 3 4 5 6 7

  • Singles
  • 8 Dining/Travel

  • Dirty Tricks
  • 9

  • Mensa Test
  • Music
  • Book Lover
  • 10 11 12 13

  • Board Meeting
  • 14 15

  • Topeka Lunch
  • Bridge
  • SAT
  • 16 17 18 19 20

  • Writers
  • 21

  • MC2
  • 22

  • New SIG
  • New Member Party
  • 23 24

  • Gastric Safari
  • LAG
  • 25 26 27 28

  • M-inent Midtowners
  • 29

  • Jazzig
  • 31

    Calendar Key

    AE Adult Event DS Designated Smoking Area BD Birds Live Indoors
    BYO Bring Your Own NS No Smoking CT Cats Live Indoors
    SW Spouses/Others Welcome SO Smoking Outside DG Dogs Live Indoors
    WA Wheelchair Access SP Smoking Permitted RT Rabbits Live Indoors
    YM Young Ms Welcome        


    3/1 Sat Mension Deadline. Send submissions and calendar entries to Tim Larkin at [email protected].
    3/1 Sat Games2 SIG @ 7:30 pm, at Helen Behmann Garvin’s. Come join your friends for a fun evening of cardand board games. (CT,SO,SW)
    3/2 Sun Role-Playing SIG @ 2-8 pm, currently playing D&D 3rd Edition campaign. Contact Evan Stark for details and directions. (BYO,NS,SW)
    3/7 Fri Singles SIG @ 8 pm. Join us at Janet Roder’s house. Please call Jennifer for more information. Nokitty. Jennifer Dunton, Coordinator.
    3/8 Sat Dining/Travel @ 6:30 pm. Join us for a walk in the Black Forest, a driving tour along the meanderingMoselle River Valley, and other destinations. The dinner will be German. CallDiana Dyer to book passage for this trip.
    3/8 Sat Dirty Tricks SIG @ 8 pm. If you like card games, join us at a New Location!! Call for information or directions.
    3/9 Sun Mensa Entrance Test @ 1:30-4 pm, at the Westport Library, KC MO. Call Sue Martin to reserve a space. Fee $30,photo ID please.
    3/9 Sun Music SIG @ 1:30 pm. Musical Mensans get together to discuss music and musical topics, newartists, and attend concerts. Actual practicing with the intent to jam,record, or perform. Coordinator Bill Johnston.
    3/9 Sun Book Lovers @ 2:30 pm, meet at Darrel G. Tyree’s house. The topic is Music.
    3/13 Thu Board Meeting @ 7:30 pm, at St. Andrew’s Church, Meyer & Wornall, KC MO (use door on east side). Required for electedofficers, strongly urged for appointed officers. All M’s welcome and expresslyinvited to see how our organization is run. Sandy Melton, LocSec. (SO)
    3/15 Sat Topeka Area Lunch @ 12 pm, Join other Topeka area Mensans for lunch. We’ll meet at Ruby Tuesday’sRestaurant on Wanamaker Road (between SW 17th and SW 19th Sts.) in Topeka for talk and planning future activities. Need moreinformation? Contact Ann Milius.
    3/15 Sat Bridge SIG @ 7 pm. Bring a homemade treat to share. Please contact coordinator Colleen Campbellby preceding Tuesday. A mere 50 cent kitty. (SO,SW)
    3/15 Sat SAT (Science & Technology) SIG @ 7 pm, at Bill Baldwin’s. Kitty, $2. This is a new SIG to discuss recent (and notso recent) advances in the area of Science and Technology. Bill Baldwin,Coordinator.
    3/20 Thu Writers’ SIG @ 7:30 pm, at Don Norris’s. Bring munchies to share (not required for admittance), nokitty. Don Norris coordinator.
    3/21 Fri Midtowners’ Conference II @ 5-7 pm, will meet at Harpo’s, 4109 Pennsylvania, in Westport. Call Jim Spaith formore information.
    3/22 Sat New SIG @ 7:00 pm. join us at our meeting to be held at Maloan’s Restaurant, at the northwestcorner of the town square at 4th and South Oak in Garnett, Kansas. Please RSVPto Joe Blake by the Wednesday before the meeting, to ensure adequate seats andtables are reserved to accommodate the group.
    3/22 Sat New Member Party @ 8:00 pm. join us in welcoming our new members at Don Norris and Sandy Melton’s home.See the ad on page 4 for details on how new members can get a free “kitty”; $3for everyone else. Reservations appreciated.
    3/24 Mon Gastric Safari @ 6:30 pm. W. J. McBride’s Irish Pub at 12030 Blue Valley Parkway (to avoid the St.Patrick’s Day rush). They do not take reservations in advance so if you arecoming, be prompt so we can put in for our table when we get there. Please callby March 21 to let me know you will be there. See you then.
    3/24 Mon Label And Gossip @ 7 pm. Come help assemble next month’s Mension at Sue Martin’s home. Please contact Kay Plaster to RSVP for head count orwith questions.
    3/28 Fri M-inent Midtowners & Others @ 5-7 pm. Join us at Figlio’s on the Plaza, 209 W 46th Terr, KC MO. Coordinator Pamela Stewart.
    3/30 Sun Jazzig @ 7 – 11 pm, Jazzig meets at The Phoenix, 8th and Central, Kansas City, MO to see Dave McCubbin. No cover charge,refreshments available. Coordinators Rhonda and Chris Johnston.