Once upon a time, MAM sponsored Halloween parties on the weekend before the actual day. I always enjoyed the interesting (and frequently pun-related) costumes folks wore.

There’s no in-person party this year, but we still want to get into the spirit (the puns will now commence) of Halloween. Send a G-rated photo of yourself, and any other family members you can persuade to don a costume, to the email address listed below.

During the week before Halloween the ghostly apparitions, also known as photos to less superstitious folks, will start appearing on the MAM website and MAM Facebook page, where you will be asked to vote on your favorite(s).

The most liked photos will be included in a future Mension and you will receive a Certificate of Exemplary Spookiness. [MAM members, please note: If you want to vote without signing up for Facebook, send your vote to the email listed below.]

Editor’s note: If you have any questions, please contact Cynthia.

~ Cynthia Heller, email: [email protected]