August is a month that still deserves at least some respect. Named for Augustus (the Revered), who was the adopted son of Julius Caesar and the first Roman Emperor, August marks the beginning of the next school year for some of you and it signals what is to come ahead during the ‘-bers’.

First, Mid-America Mensa has won the SAPPHIRE award again this year. Besides marking a high level of service to MAM’s members, this award shows that we are continuing to build MAM’s story, that we are sincerely working well together and we are having fun as a local group, and that we do truly like each other to a significant degree. So, congratulations to Mid-America Mensa for winning an American Mensa Jewel Award in recognition of MAM’s continuing service to our members!

Next, as some of you know, the Ad Astra Mensa group meets at the Blind Tiger Brewery and Restaurant in Topeka. Recently, they reported discussion of M-related subjects such as: communications with the dead, women’s soccer and pay equity, Great Courses, relative distribution on the intelligence curve of men and women, Yellow Jacket protests in France, pick-pocketing, astrology, Mercury Retrograde, travel, history of Mensa in Topeka, caring for elderly parents, difficulty in communications, computer technology, feminism, sexism, the Bible, David & Goliath, books, what we like about Topeka, personal lives, extraordinary experiences, solar eclipses, grandchildren, conflicts between career and family obligations, Paris, religion, and many other topics.

If you are a Mensan in Topeka, Lawrence, and vicinity, check out the Mension for information regarding a possible meeting in Lawrence, and please contact John with any ideas that you may have about programming so that Ad Astra Mensa could better serve Topeka, Lawrence, and vicinity.

Finally, there seems to be a growing push for more local Mensa family fun. So, join us Saturday, August 17th, from 1 to 3 pm at Kansas City Ice Center,, 19900 Johnson Drive, Shawnee Mission, KS 66218 for a skating event. Look for more details like admission and skate rental rates in the Mension, and please RSVP to indicate your intention of attendance on the Mid America Mensa Facebook group page (see the Event tab):