Updated: August 25, 2019

Q1/ What are the benefits of having an account on MAM’s website?

A1/ The main thing is that when you have an account you can see the archive of downloads for the Mensions, Roosters, and any other PDFs in archive. On the original site we had a few other things for members only, but not much. In the future we could use it more and have more member-only content online.

Q2/ Is it necessary to have an account?

A2/ No, but it does have value just by offering the Mension and Rooster archives.

Q3/ Where is the Request Account button for clicking to get started?

A3/ The Request Account button is in a sub-menu under Contact which is on the navigation menu bar located near the top of MAM’s homepage.

Q4/ How are requests handled and members validated?

A4/ To verify a member request, the Webmaster goes to National’s website and searches on the ID number in the Member Directory. If it is there and the name matches, then an account is created.

Q5/ How are passwords generated?

A5/ A password is created when a new account is created, yet it can be reset to another password if so desired.

Please note: If you are a member and you are looking for the member-only area of this website, be advised that Members has sub-menus being redirected to Member Directory and Group Newsletters at the American Mensa website. A Mensa login is required to access both of these features.