How long until you be crashing it against the wall?
The Mensa Puzzle Alarm Clock, one of the weirdest of its kind

There are quite a lot of wacky alarm clocks available, but the Mensa Puzzle is definitely one of the most innovative and annoying similar gadgets.

This product has been created by the UK branch of the worldwide Mensa organization, an association claiming its members have high IQs and serving the purpose of providing a daily dose of brain training to the users. Now, we’ve analyzed this peculiar alarm clock and believe that such gadgets should have been endowed with a stronger shock-proof construction, as it will definitely get tossed around quite a bit.

First off, why would someone smash his or her alarm clock against the wall, might you be asking. Because the Mensa Puzzle contraption is no common thing. Not only will it stop only provided you solve a puzzle, but, if you get things wrong, the alarm will get louder.

The brain training routine is based on the fact that, as the alarm goes off, you have to memorize a random sequence of colored lights and then reproduce it in exactly the same order. Fail to do so and the alarm will start over, only louder this time. You’re supposed to try again until you get the right combination, and the sound signals will also re-trigger if you’re too slow reproducing the needed color combo.

If you’re not in a mood for brain exercises, you can use the �Wimp Out� button on the Mensa Puzzle Alarm Clock, and it will shut down the alarm… after exposing your ears to some additional 30 seconds of extra loud alert in return. One could be quite OK with this contraption, if they think about a person living alone. However, when family and husband/spouse are to be taken into consideration (skip the kids), it’s hard that the non-Mensa partner could live this way too much time.

At the same time, one more thing about the very principle of this alarm clock must be added. If you have to wake at 6 AM, you’ll, of course, set the timer for that hour. Now, as you’re dead asleep and lie in your bed with your back turned to the Mensa clock, the alarm goes off and, supposedly, the colored light sequence is displayed. You could be the father of the Mensa itself � and still not be able to reproduce a light sequence you never saw, unless you’re some sort of magician who can read the electronic �mind� of the clock. If you’re into such a bizarre alarm clock, you can get it from eBay, for around $41, and yes, the Mensa clock comes with an AM/FM tuner.
By Florin Tibu, Audio Editor
23rd of December 2008, 14:32 GMT